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Ashburton Junction Signalbox Update
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Work on the installation of the lever frame for the 'new' Ashburton Junction Signal Box is forging ahead. The levers that will eventually control the new layout are now beginning to appear in the frame. The box, which was originally at Cradley Heath has been transported to Devon from Birmingham Railway Museum where it had previously been preserved. The frame has only recently made its way to Devon after storage in  the previous owners garage. The planned layout at Totnes calls for 32 levers to be operational in the box. The box will provide control of approaching trains from the Staverton direction, the run round loop, access to a second passenger platform and the connection to the chord linking the South Devon Railway to Network Rail. It is intended that the box will always be open when the SDR is running trains to avoid complicated closing out arrangements where the next signalbox in the Buckfastleigh direction, Bishops Bridge, has been designed to allow it to be switched out when two train operation is not in action.

It is hoped to have the new signalbox operational some time in 2007.
Track layout proposals (subject to HMRI approval).
Follow the progress..

Cleaning the levers ready for installation and painting
Cleaning the sweeps
The first lever goes in with its sweeps
The process continues along the frame
The frame in place at operation level
Tony Wright working on the installation
The lever pivots and frame after painting; as good as new
The locking frame supports go in
Thenew staircase in use October 2006 © Nick Perring 2006

Earlier news: Arrival at Buckfastleigh by road
Ground Works at Totnes Littlehempston
Construction at Totnes Littlehempston


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